The formview fired event itemupdating which wasn

11-Nov-2017 18:47

I'm throwing an exception in the Item Inserting Event which I excpect to catch in the Item Inserted event using the Form View Inserted Event Args, however, the event does not flow from Item Inserting -Yes, for example, I validate and findout the length of the input exceeds the permisable value, then I throw a new Validation Exception(), ofcourse, I can simply handle it using condition checking but the actual problem is when I have an SQL Exception. This page is a great reference for Form View controller: View Update: I've updated code to refelct Phaedrus suggestion. Try removing this line of code and let me know if it resolved your issue. Raises the Page Index Changed and Page Index Changing events.event is raised when a button listed in the previous table is clicked, it is recommended that you use the events listed in the table for the operation.Details View Change Mode: private void Handle Cancel() private void Handle Edit() private bool Handle Insert Callback(int affected Rows, Exception ex) private void Handle New() private bool Handle Update Callback(int affected Rows, Exception ex) With Change Mode you are choosing that the control switch to one of it's modes.When it starts to performing this task, the Mode Changing event is raised (to indicate that it's in progress) (optionally do something here).In this example, I'm assuming that I'm displaying a set of Customer objects of some kind in a List(of Customer).

the formview fired event itemupdating which wasn-55

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So here's how to use a Form View to display—and let the user update -- any collection of objects.

With the Form View (or any of the Data Views), I normally use a Data Source to move data from some data store and into/out of the view.

However, the Form View (and the rest of the Data Views) will work just as well with any collection of objects: Lists, Arrays, Array Lists, or whatever collection you want to make available to the user for display and update.

But you can skip the Data Source and use the Data Views to handle displaying and updating any collection of objects you want, with a few lines of code.

NET Data Views are powerful tools when coupled with a Data Source.

Basically what I've understood of it, is that the Mode Changed/ing events are raised when command buttons are clicked (Cancel, Edit, Insert, New and Update), i.e.

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