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24-Oct-2017 20:52

If you select No for any of these folders, those locations will not be available when a media client (again, applications like Windows Media Player or the Xbox 360) connects to the server.(Folders that are disabled in this way still appear when your browse the server’s folder shares via Network Explorer from Windows 7 or 8, however.You can currently add up to 50,000 songs to your collection.It's also worth noting that only songs in the Music folder on One Drive are added to the collection.Give the Folder a title and click the Submit button.After a few moments (or minutes if you have a lot of media in this folder), TVersity will have added the contents to its library.Every time she exits with saving or even without saving it has an error and closes.Then I have to go back to home eject the disc and reinsert it to play again., Happens every time and even sometimes when loading to play. Also if it makes a difference it recently told me some files were corrupt and asked me to delete and redownload my mash up packs from the Minecraft Store.

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My daughter's Minecraft on disc keeps crashing even offline.Another thing to eliminate would be whether or not the disc drive is having issues...