The candidating process for a pastor

23-Jul-2017 19:39

the candidating process for a pastor-46

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Most large churches have completely eliminated that option by keeping job openings out of public view.

Mostly smaller, less-networked churches still post jobs publicly and depend heavily on paperwork.

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What role does personal evangelism play in your life? What steps do you follow to lead someone to Christ? Describe the role of accountability for a pastor and how that has been a part of your life. How are you strengthening and growing your relationship with the Lord?

A good resume and a nice sermon are helpful, but they fail to capture the deeper relational, emotional, and spiritual conditions of pastoral candidates.

Consider the outcomes of traditional hiring practices: One recent analysis of 186 pastors and their ministerial history from the past 47 years showed a 54 percent turnover rate after four years or less.

Most questions can be asked of a candidate applying for any pastoral position.

We would suggest using this list as a starting point to developing your own questionnaire customized for the needs of your church.

Expectations exist on both sides, some of which are real, while others are imagined.