Automatic transfers consolidating pension savings

08-Aug-2017 10:21

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Transferring in to The People’s Pension is simple – all you need to do is give us the details and we’ll help you do the rest.

Contact your existing pension provider Request the relevant forms from the provider (if required) Make arrangements to ensure your pension savings are transferred Contact you and let you know once the transfer is complete.

If your retirement savings are broadly on track, you can still take steps to make it more certain that your pension pot will be able to achieve the income you want when you retire.

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If you’ve got several different pots, it may be worth combining them as you near the date when you want start to drawing retirement benefits.

If you have spare income, then putting it into a pension is one of the most tax-efficient ways of investing it.

Any additional income you save into a pension will be topped up by the taxman.

It’s essential that you review your pension situation regularly.

If you find you have a shortfall, the need for action is clear.

If you’ve worked for more than one employer, it’s likely you’ll have several pensions.